Our Plan for the Medium Term

  • To build 50 Health Centres.
  • Provide Basic healthcare
  • We are in talks with other countries in Africa including Angola (where INTELS Management is planning to build their second SFA Health Centre) Sierra Leone, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana and Rwanda.
  • Provide children with mosquito nets to prevent the spread of Malaria.
  • Encourage and empower Agile self-sufficiency development programmes. Help the young to develop skill that will benefit their community and contribute towards the upkeep of their local SFA
  • Health Centre. To encourage the communities to attain self-reliance and self-sustainability we provide advice on how to create and run their own healthcare through income generating projects like agriculture, dressmaking, food production, beadwork, cards and other social enterprises.
  • As much as possible, work through and alongside the tradition and culture of each country.
  • Provide vital education for women.
  • Provide management certifications in Africa with the support of’s global program for unemployed people.
  • Include the building of an orphanage/abandoned baby’s home next to each of SFA Health Centres.
  • Develop family and community based models of care in order to give abandoned and orphaned children a chance of survival and a brighter future.
  • Improve health and nutrition status and provide young people of sexually active age with information on the prevention of AIDS and Malaria.
  • Strengthen and encourage adoption and foster parenting.
  • To provide a structure from which the taking of Anti-Retroviral drugs can be monitored and through the provision of education and nutrition to ensure that potentially toxic drugs are not taken by persons who are under nourished.
  • We hope to provide Home Based Care training for families with HIV children and other HIV affected family members.
    Encourage programmes to help decrease and remove the stigma attached to HIV.
  • Provide Training for Counsellors and Dieticians.
  • Set up resource and fund-raising programmes in each SFA Health Centre. We hope to provide livelihood development and Basic Vocation as well as moral support for the young adults with siblings to care for, in the hope of decreasing prostitution among girls as young as 12yrs.
  • Increase body weights and improve coping mechanism for HIV/AIDS and Malaria infected children.