Sponsorship Opportunities

“Reaching Out for Africa”

The various available opportunities are:

1. Headline Sponsorship

This will include :

A Support for Africa Clinic bearing the company name.
Mention on TV coverage.
Name on the front of souvenir programme + full page advert and editorial inside programme.
Invitation and formal acknowledgement & displays of company logo at the celebrity reception.
The company logo on the large plasma screen on stage.
A banner bearing the company name will be prominent on the stage (subject to confirmation).

2. Gold Sponsorship

Hiring of the Venue – £15,000
Musicians, Travel and Expenses – £15,000

3. Silver Sponsorship

Costumes – £10,000
Printing – £10,000
Celebrity Reception – £10,000
Large Plasma Screen – £10,000

4. Bronze Sponsorship

Lighting – £5,000
Sound – £5,000
Cast Catering – £5,000
Security – £5,000
Champagne and Soft Drinks – £5,000
Posters, Decor and Flowers – £5,000
*sponsorship minimum is £5,000

Benefits for sponsors

One page in the Concert programme.
Acknowledgement in the programme.
Invitation to Celebrity Reception.
One box of 5 seats with champagne.
Logo on leaflets for the event – (size dependent on sponsorship).
Display of company banner at VIP reception (banner to be in keeping with the dignity of the occasion).
There are also opportunities to “Adopt a Clinic in Africa” – £25,000

Please contact [email protected]

A Project Steering Committee has been set up to provide overall control of the Events and funds raised. The project Steering Committee consists of :-

Support for Africa – as Chairman: Patti Boulaye
The Charity’s Auditors, Milsted Langdon
The Trustees of the Charity
The Charity’s Solicitors

Strict and transparent financial controls are in place to ensure that funds raised for these projects are spent only on the building of Clinics in Africa, the awareness Campaign and particularly the Charity’s proper costs in producing the Royal Albert Hall Concert.